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Are you having a difficult time finding a professional company to do the hood cleaning in your restaurant in Spokane, Washington?  NorthWest Hood Cleaning is the answer to your dilemma.  Our team of hood cleaning professionals are standing by to deep clean your commercial kitchen to make if feel like new.

NorthWest Hood Cleaning has technicians who have been trained and are certified and bonded, to clean your commercial kitchen.  They go the extra mile by doing a detailed inspection of your kitchen to get familiar with all of the nooks and crannies that evade other cleaning companies.

Keeping a clean kitchen has to be the number one item any restaurant owner/manager has on their list.  The commercial kitchen is the heartbeat of any restaurant and if it isn’t professionally cleaned, the restaurant could run the risk of contamination and could face a shut down if their clients experience food born illnesses.

Another reason to keep a commercial kitchen clean, especially the kitchen exhaust system, is to prevent fire danger.  The kitchen exhaust system is designed to filter and remove steam, smoke, fumes, heat, combustion products and airborne grease.  If left unattended the grease can build up which then can become an accelerant for the flames from the grill.

Rooftop grease build-up is another area that can be prevented when a commercial kitchen has a professional come in to do their hood cleaning.  If not addressed, the grease can build up and damage the roof structure by soaking into the roofing material.  It can also cause an environmental hazard if it rains.  The rain will cause the grease to drain down the side of the building and can run into storm drains causing an environmental disaster.  This could not only lead to further damage to the side structure of the building but a fine and a large bill from the city who had to clean up the grease in the storm drains.

NorthWest Hood Cleaning brings the solution to put your mind at ease.  Our team of professionals will come out and do the most professional hood cleaning job you have ever seen.  We begin by covering your equipment with commercial grade plastic.  We keep the plastic in place with commercial grade magnets so as not to damage your equipment.  Once that is in place, we will spray your exhaust hood system with an environmentally safe chemical.  We let that sit a bit before using our pressure washer to safely remove the chemical and grease.

We will then inspect your filters, fans, doors and hinges for damage and recommend replacement if needed.  We keep our trucks stocked with exhaust system parts, so you won’t have to wait for days or weeks to have the damaged items replaced.

We then buffer the exhaust hood system to give it that “brand new” look.  What cook doesn’t love to prepare their craft meals with equipment that looks so awesome?

Upon request, we will give you before and after pictures for your records.  This is a great way for you to show your insurance company you are doing your due diligence to keep your commercial kitchen grease free.  We will also provide you with a certificate that you can hang on your wall in the kitchen for fire and health inspectors to see.  It also gives the employees a morale booster to know that you care and are doing your best to keep them safe.


Why should we hire a hood cleaning company?

Fact – not all employees understand how thorough they need to clean a commercial kitchen let alone the exhaust hood.  Fire prevention should always be top of mind for commercial kitchen owners and managers.  Grease can get very sticky causing anything airborne to collect in the filters.  Some things you may not think collect in the filters are skin flakes, hair and dust.

How extensive is your cleaning business?

We can do as much or as little as your commercial kitchen needs.  In many cases, we start by doing a full commercial kitchen cleaning which goes from cooktop to rooftop.  We use environmentally safe nano-technology cleaning solutions with our pressure washing system.  This ensures all those nooks and crannies will be cleaned as well.  We can clean floors, walk-in refrigerators and freezers.  In addition, we can pressure wash your outside concrete and sanitize your trash receptacle.  It is the extra touch that separates us from our competitors.

Do you only cover Spokane, or can you do other cities?

We can do any city close by.  We mostly do cities that are within a seventy-five radius of Spokane.  Depending on the size of the job, we have gone out further.  Just give us a call and we can discuss.

Do you only do restaurants?

Our biggest clientele are restaurants; however, we have done schools, day care centers, churches, senior citizen living.  For the most part, if you have a commercial kitchen with an exhaust system that needs hood cleaning, we can accommodate you.

How do I know that our kitchen needs a thorough hood cleaning?

If you run a typical restaurant, it is recommended you have a hood cleaning done once every quarter.  Best not to wait until a health inspector walks in and demands you get it done as soon as possible.  This could cost you more because you will have to find someone who can fit you into their schedule.

What is the cost for hood cleaning?

There are five main things that come into play when giving a quote to do your hood cleaning:

  1. What is the size of the hoods in your restaurant?
  2. What is the condition of your equipment?
  3. When was the last time you had a full hood cleaning?
  4. How accessible is your ductwork to the outside exhaust?
  5. What type of services are you looking for (steam cleaning, pressure washing, replacement of accessories or equipment, maintenance, etc.)?

As you can see, the cost can vary so give us a call and we will be happy to come by and see what needs done.  This gives us the opportunity to see you commercial kitchen in advance and allows us to give you the proper recommendations.

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